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I have a UV Code for man of steel, from blu ray. $5 pp goods/$4 pp gift. PM me if interested.
works for me. i'll wait to hear from you.
i'm in central ohio as well. seriously interested. any chance i can stop by and take a look?
offer: 250 shipped to 43026?
pics of the 433's?
any chance of including the ceiling mount?
what all is included?
is the bulb an OEM bulb or generic?
is the new an OEM bulb or generic?
i know i'm bumping an old thread. but my local best buy has one of these open box for 199. is that worth it? i'm not big on pioneer, but with the prices yall are mentioning here, seems like a steal. sounds like it comes with NOTHING though. if that's the case, would that change anything?
New Posts  All Forums: