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I will not risk it. I am perfectly content with how mine is functioning. If I don't know there is any issue and I am happy with how my display is functioning then why risk it.
You guys are scaring me. I have had my 609 since 08/2011 and no problems. Where are all the postings that say " Mine is still going strong " ? . I just jinxed myself.. right??
Not sure how old this thread is but " clear " seems to be the only " auto motion " setting that seems to eliminate frame skipping or stuttering. Soap opera effect is relatively nill with this setting also.
Ya. Got my backlight at 20 max. I think it's more source related than anything else.
I do have that issue also. Have not figured out yet how to get rid of that. Seems to be worse with streaming content than cable provider content.
Try these Cnet Settings: http://forums.cnet.com/7726-19410_102-5320037.html Try the cnet cettings. Most will tell you to never use the dynamic or vivid mode for an accurate calibration.
Digital noise filter???
louber,I am attaching a pic of my 1022 Firmware screen if you would like to copy it for Samsung. I just purchased this TV the end of November. Here is the proof that there is a 1022 Firmware version. This is just for any Samsung Tech that will tell you there is no 1022 firmware. 
Try these Cnet Settings:http://forums.cnet.com/7726-19410_102-5320037.htmlI get some of the blocking artifacts when viewing dark scenes but I attribute that to the source. I have Verizon Fios and in my opinion it performs better than the Bright House video in my area.The blocking artifacts I have noticed has been when I was streaming Amazon. Most notably " Vikings"Try those Cnet settings then adjust to your taste. I think they provide some pretty accurate color results by...
Thanks Mark. Can it also be caused by the quality of the stream at a particular moment if there a number of users on your network?
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