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no problem bdfox....
It looks like WFXB has switched to 16x9 local programming. I don't think it's in HD yet, but Not the News looks pretty good in widescreen format.
Diesel, I think it's an AutoHD feature. If the channel has a HD feed, the box will show it automatically. It's the same way here with Time Warner Cable.
Case in point: See their NASCAR team
Does anybody know if NBC will have a broadcast feed this year of it? I know they offered some 3D broadcasts during the summer olympics two years ago. And if any providers will have it?
Has Anybody here, heard if TWC will be carrying Fox Sports 1 on saturday?
as far as I know, it will Speed channel 512. Will become Fox Sports 1.
fake its only 60HZ....
It looks like WFXB is starting to stretch syndicated programs and local commercials into 16x9. Hopefully, it will lead to HD syndication. Any information you can pass along bdfox?
when I go to the manufacturer diagnostic application on my 8640HDC. On page 12 it has running 2 ODN 5_2_0_9, but below that it has not loaded ODN 6_0_0_19. Does that mean the box has 6.0.0_19 downloaded but not installed? I tried to reboot the box to get it to load the ODN 6 software but no luck. Any ideas?
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