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I have my Mac computer hooked up wirelessly with the 570 (by turning on file sharing and enabling SMB, thanks to an answer to my previous question). I've put a movie with a subtitle file in the Drop Box of my computer, but it streams without the subtitles. The LG User Manual (p.50) says if you use the Nero MediaHome 4 software it supplies, it will play the subtitles file, but that is for PC only. Anyone know of a workaround for this?
To SpyfyThat brought up my files! - thank you for replying!!!Now I need to figure out if I can play my itunes music in succession. Seems like I have to click every mp3 individually at the moment
Just got the 570. Easy setup with my Netflix and Pandora accounts. Both working well with a wireless network connection. I have a Mac laptop and am having trouble with my DLNA however. I downloaded Nullriver MediaLink on my Mac and the LG sees it and allows me to select it but when I try to connect "a network error occurs". Am I missing something? Does anyone know a workaround? The software that comes with the LG, Nero MediaHome 4 ,is PC only.
My explorer 8300HD hooked up thru Cox Cable in Santa Barbara was unused for most of the summer and I've come back to it and now its non functioning. I am getting 4 dashes across the front. COX sent signals while on telephone with tech support which have failed to "wake up" the unit. Another 8300 unit (not marked as HD) works fine in the house. Bringing the bad box to the working location--the bad box still fails to reboot and get a time--only the 4 dashes. A...
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