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Howdy folks. I've owned an avr-1713 since Dec 2012 and it's worked excellent. It still works great but lost the lcd display last night. Blank front panel display / nada. Osd fine. Everything else fine. Weird! It's not the dimmer, nor pure direct, nor does a microprocessor reset solve the blank display. Anything else I might be missing or is it time to bring it in to my local authorized Denon repair shop? Another quickie......can they update my firmware to the latest 2/27...
I haven't had any issues at all with my Harmony (650 iirc).Have you gone into the settings (myharmony.com) to change the milliseconds value for your TV?EDIT: nvm sorry saw that you have resolved it
Is your aspect/format on FULL? Anything in source box or BDP that could have changed? Firmware update possibly?
It's the best TV I've ever owned or seen. I have a lot of family and friends with the higher end led lcds and the gt50 is so lifelike/realistic, 3d-like in 2d, and so silky smooth with motion.
my bad it's all the forums I browse... Laughing really hard or "rolling on floor laughing"
nothing wrong with that if you're happy with it! I find the Panasonic glasses even darker than the sammies. They're both dark. I like a pitch black room for 3d. At first it will seem dark but it gets better as your eyes adjust. After the 3d movie prepare to singe your retinas when back to 2d :-P
Great idea KJ. If you're handy. There are many out there who are not though. I'm a contractor and could have built a doozy! Will consider your idea next time
I'm not familiar with the VLT or the digi mount. Compatability wise, Sanus has a tool on their website to cross reference which mount will work with which model TV. I have the LL22 and it is awesome! I have the 65gt50. With spacers you can increase the distance it sits off the wall. I used the next to smallest ones and the TV is exactly 3.25" off the wall total (from wall to front of tv). Looks like a picture hanging. The mount has a neato kick stand to make hooking it up...
Listening position is my guess.
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