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Another one bites the dust... San Antonio has gone "dark" (reminds me of an episode of "Jericho"). Not sure if PSIP will cut the mustard................. Chuck
San Antonio has gone "dark" (reminds me of an episode of "Jericho"). Not sure if PSIP will cut the mustard................. Chuck
I believe WXK67 moved from the Methodist 2 or 3 years ago, out 281 & 1604 area... Chuck
Hey Jerry, got a question for you… Why, when KENS broadcasts Spurs games, and you all delay the CBS programming for overnight airing, the shows are in standard def? Are all of your IRD's not HD capable, or could it be a server issue? Just curious…… Chuck
I'm having a problem with one of the channels on my program listings (DTVPal) only giving me about 18 hours of information. All of the other channels give me the full 8 days of info. I've gone into the setup menu and tried changing several parameters, but nothing helps. On my other DVR (Sony DHG), no problems at all with this particular channel (8 days of info). Any suggestions? Thanks, Chuck
Hello to all. Haven't checked in here in a while. I have a question about a DVR that I saw in a store (Frey's) up in Austin (Tx). It was a Channel Master CM-7000PAL. I had never seen one before, and ended up sitting there for about 30 minutes, just playing with the thing. Surprisingly, it reminded me of my Sony, with much of the same features & characteristics of the 250. Wonder if anyone has an opinion of this machine, and would it be worth purchasing for a 2nd unit (or...
Mark, Joe, & all, Thanks for all the help. I do have the 1.2.06 old version. I have gone to the Sony website and downloaded the new version to a thumbnail drive. In the instructions, they warn about if the procedure isn't done correctly, your DVR may be rendered inoperable! This just scares me a bit, because I am a man with Cerebral Palsy, and my hand control is somewhat limited. I don't want to hit a wrong button by mistake, and loose everything! So, what would be the...
Sorry that I didn't get back sooner. Yes, I do live in San Antonio. My DVR does receive fine via antenna. The time is correct. I can do manual recordings. I've tried changing zip codes, too. Just no TV Guide. Chuck
Can someone please help me. For the last 4+ weeks I've not had any channel lineup or programming info. I've tried everything in the book, trying to get a schedule back. I've reset the DVR, and have left it off for days at a time, but nothing happends. When I do the G* Test (the only test that I know about) , there is data indicated (from 5.1, local CBS station), and my clock will reset, but that's all it will do. Any ideas would be appreciated. Chuck
Can someone tell me how to get the updated firmware for my DHG-HDD250? Right now I have 1.2.06 (and not getting any TVGOS info). Thanks, Chuck
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