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What PJ did you get?
Excellent work on the diffusion! I can see why you were having problems after looking at your room. One thing you can add, as time and $$ allows, is bass trapping. That made, by far, the biggest impact on sound in my room. Not only did it help lower frequencies, but also the mids and highs. Good job!
Thank you for the reply. My room issue is that I have a vaulted ceiling that comes down quite low where the screen will hang, so the limiting factor becomes the screen height. Side walls will actually be about 5ft from the screen. Do you think I should stick with a 1.0 gain screen....or even 0.8 gain? 3D will be something we may play with, but I don't want the whites to clip or blacks to wash out due to too much brightness during 2D viewing. I'm pretty excited about...
So, I recently purchased a 5020ube from Visual Apex and now I have to focus on the screen. I would love to have opinions from others with regard to this projector and screen gain. Due to room limitations, I have the following I need to follow: 1) 90" motorized screen is max size. 2) Seating distance will be 9.5 ft. 3) Throw distance will be 10' 2-5" (depending on mount). 4) May be able to shelf or wall mount....will depend once I obtain PJ. 5) Lens shift will be...
You heard the speakers and the room. Not the amp.If you like what you heard, buy the speakers.
Looks good...really good considering the compromise. One question - where do you store your screen when not in use? That's a big piece to store.
Then why move? Sounds perfect!
My thought is....it won't help.No one, including myself, is going to pay a premium because of a room used for HT...exclusively.Now, if the room could double as something else (ie-bar/ rec room / HT) then perhaps.However, if someone's not into HT (majority of people), then the room becomes a project to remodel (and added expense)...so, a deterrent more than a "bonus".
Boulder Monoblocks are rarely, if ever, NEEDED.Based on Stereophile's measurements of the C4:"The Dynaudio C4's voltage sensitivity was to specification, at 90dB(B)/2.83V/m. However, as the speaker's impedance magnitude (fig.1, solid trace) drops significantly below 8 ohms for three octaves in the lower-frequency range, where music has a considerable proportion of its energy, it is fair, I feel, to consider it as a 4 ohm load. The electrical phase angle (fig.1, dashed...
All I know is....my audio memory must suck. After installing many bass traps, I'm now trying to calibrate the sub, and after a slight tweak...then listen. Change source, then listen.... The time it takes to change a source is too much time (albeit a few seconds) for me to definitively say if there are sound differences, and if so, what they may be. I cannot imagine someone actually getting up, swapping (upgrading) an amp (or any electronic device), sitting down and...
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