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does the error massage disappear?
Thank for your information.The error massage keeps stucking on and off after I have tried everything.P.S.This unit never been FW updated since purchased many years ago and it is not 3D upgrade.
it is very annoying.I own this unit for many years,recently it develops so call DTS BOMB and someone suggest me for FW update.Today I call service centre and they said the FW already wrote in ROM also this is a discontinued product.
I am in the same situation like you today.After update FW,AVP OSD shows like your picture.It can't update further and always show CONNECTION FAIL.The AVP seems working normal except annoying RETRY UPDATE CONNECTION FAIL on front screen.Can you finish updating or get rid of this massage?Thank in advance.
Is there any newer DENON AVR or pre-processor at the upcoming CEDIA ?
Hi,mate.Glad that you enjoy 8801.I never have a chance to audition this pre-processor.Should I upgrade my AVP(not modified yet) to 8801?Thank in advance.
Sounds like my issue with Denon avr 4520.The buzzing/static noise came from center speaker at first. After a hard reset, it disappeared for a while and now it appears again at FL speaker.Just sent it back to service centre for a second time now.Reran Audyssey setting the result was too much volume level different like you.When I change 4520 to A100,the buzzing noise is gone.Might be HDMI board issue?
Thank,the picture appears but HDMI must be Control so the receiver has no sound.What another suggestion?
I have DENON 4520 since last November and it worked just fine but a couple months ago it developed a buzz sound at center channel{MK 150 THX].I sent to service center,the guy sent back said it was normal condition.A hard reset was done,a buzzing sound from center speaker was gone for a while until last week it happens again at left front speaker.What should I do? I reran Audyssey again , a hard reset and the buzzing sound still exists. PS. i change 4520 to my old A100 the...
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