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For lovers of the amazing Jerry Goldsmith score, guess what just came out yesterday (limited to only 3,500 copies...well, 3,499, 'cuz I bought one! )?: http://www.lalalandrecords.com/TheEdge.html
My only gripe is that WB leaves off the original theatrical trailers on these double sets, so I (as a fan of bonus features, trailers in particular) have to keep my old DVDs (sometimes so old as to be in dreaded snappers) alongside the new BDs so I don't lose anything. Like it's some kind of hardship for them to leave this one minor extra in place...
LOL! You're right! (*slaps forehead*) I just imported this from Hong Kong for $30 and was patting myself on the back for getting it earlier than the U.S. edition, and with much better cover art, but as a nut for trailers (my favorite bonus feature), looks like I'll have to buy it all over again now in August...
6/1: BAD BOYS The MAN WITH NO NAME Trilogy PEANUTS: 1970's COLLECTION (DVD) WAR OF THE WORLDS [2005] THE WOLFMAN [2010] [UK Edition] 6/8: SHUTTER ISLAND 6/15: FLASH GORDON 6/22: GREEN ZONE: Limited Edition U2: 360 AT THE ROSE BOWL: Super Deluxe Edition (DVD & BD) 6/29: THE CRAZIES [2010] PREDATOR: Ultimate Hunter Edition TRICK 'R TREAT (paired with PREDATOR to secure free shipping)
And not buying it tells them that there may not even be a limited target market for this film anymore so bye-bye to any future high-def releases for it. It's a lose-lose situation for consumers when crap transfers of catalog films are released.
Ralph, you mentioned theatrical trailers; are these all for THE ROAD, all for other films, or a combination of the two?
I just cancelled my pre-order. That looks f-in' atrocious. Just embarrassing. My Criterion DVD will just have to do.
Never go off of PRO-630HD's judgment's; I don't wish to be hostile to the guy but he's already made abundantly clear, notably with the CLASH OF THE TITANS thread, that he knows nothing about film, and the various aesthetics that can be applied to, or originate from, it. ESCAPE FROM L.A. looks as first-rate as it ever could on BD; the softness is, in every case, attributable to the mix of anamorphic lenses used in the cinematography along with filming in near-constant...
Dear God, I'm sorry I even brought up the Collector's Edition. My friend, you're threatening to turn this molehill into a mountain. If a) you don't care about extras and b) you want the uncut film, then go with the Australian single disc at the ezydvd link I provided above. It's legit. You'll have want you want. Peace and harmony will reign across the land once more. We can put this issue to bed now.
Not accurate; the single-disc Australian version includes: "Becoming Bond" featurette (26:18) "James Bond: For Real" featurette (23:35) "Bond Girls Are Forever" documentary - "A New Kind of Woman" (13:30) - "Children of Our Generations" (17:55) - "Bond Meets His Match" (17:37) "You Know My Name" music video by Chris Cornell (4:09) These exact same features are located on disc two of the Australian and American Collector's Editions.
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