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Try the latest beta firmware. The previous beta firmware addressed this issue but introduced a new problem with dvd playback. Both should be working now in the current November 6 beta. Link is on front page of this thread. I'm assuming that you have a north American oppo.
I don't have a chief mount but did a quick Google on them and have an idea that might help you. It looks like the mount takes a standard pipe thread, the same as a Peerless. Assuming your ceiling mount also accepts a standard pipe thread, you could replace your current vertical pipe with 2 shorter pipe nipples, 2-90 degree pipe elbows and a 3rd pipe nipple to provide the offset. The good part about this is you can take this to a shop and have them custom cut the pipes...
Also a Logitech remote - can't remember the specific model and I'm not at home to check. It seems to switch inputs just fine.
I believe you want to send from the Oppo HDMI 1 direct to the 8000 and HMDI 2 from the Oppo to the amp and then from the amp to the 8000. That's how mine is configured and it works and gives me on screen display if I select the correct input on the 8000.
Correct. The universal, one size fits many (all), type of mount needs to be adaptable which means you can easily place the mount off center. Having said that, I've done the cheap mount and the Peerless and I'd never go back to the cheap mount. Dialing in the image is SOOOOOOO much easier with the Peerless. And its very solid when locked in.
The projector will slowly move. This is more likely to happen if the center of the mount is not centered over the mass of the projector. The unbalanced weight of the projector wants to pull the projector down on the heavy side. The Peerless mount does have small set screws that can be tightened to lock in the settings - note - not cranked in hard - just firmed up, which will make this less likely to happen.If you want to be really OCD about this, you can find the...
You can just buy the peerless mount and make your own ceiling pole extension and bracket. The peerless uses standard pipe threads for its mount, at least the Peerless PRG-UNV that I have does. The pole is nothing but a 1.5 inch pipe threaded both ends (called a nipple). You can buy this from Home Depot for $5.25 for a 6 inch pipe, other sizes are available and any plumbing shop can thread one to your specific size requirement. The fancy ceiling mount is just a "floor...
Hey we got the same temp here in Canada 33, ours just has a negative sign in front of it.
Did you get your setup working properly? If not, my best guess is that the projector is not 100% level and is actually tilted so the front end (lens side) is closer to the ceiling than the back end (cable side). If you can get your hands on a cheap 6-12 inch laser level, put that on the top side of your projector on the flat part and point it to the screen. Measure from the ceiling down to the laser level light as it sits in this location - say it measures 5 inches down...
The 3900 receiver manager works under Windows 7 x64. I'd guess the 1900 will as well.
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