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Thanks for all the testing. I don't completely understand what the lack of HD audio means. Does that mean that DTS winds up as 2 channel? Why can't XBMC just pass thru the audio and let an AVR do the conversion as, for example, a NEO TV does?Is SMB required, do you think, for successful streaming?
Can the XBMC implementation play iso files? Or, does that require something more like a NUC?
Which Dune units does your program work on? Particular recommendation?
If you don't mind, how does the Plasma compare to other LCD displays? Would reflections be a problem in a bright room?Thanks.
It's probably "all the above" The more powerful the amp, the lower % of rated output it needs to drive a given set of speakers a certain level of sound. The more a given design is being pushed, the more it will need to be well fan cooled. I have had a very good experience with my 809. Hope you will, too.
Much of the temperature difference is related to the 809 weighing 40.3 lbs, while the 609 was 24.7 lbs. Larger conductors, better heat sinks, etc.While there have been some issues with the 809, I still believe it is a small %.Nodes points out that the 818 will be discontinued soon and thus discounted. I believe that one has the better Audyssey XT32, which is a significant improvement and probably worth waiting for.
Try searching this thread for posts by wl1 and jdsmoothie. There will be quite a few recommendations for settings. When I was new to the 809, I cut and pasted many parts of replies into either word or excel. I recall using much of wl1's advice and then tweaking to suit my particular "ears and eyes".Hope that helps.
The free Media Center Master does a nice job creating a TAG file...
As open as that shelf system is, I would expect little, if any, temp difference. I'd want the turntable on top as well.
Don - I agree - wasn't saying the higher crossover is good to use, just that with more and more smaller speakers, the capability is there in more AVRs than in models past...
New Posts  All Forums: