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yea thats exactly it
Hoping someone can answer 2 issues I'm running into on my tv. First one is the auto off feature doesn't seem to work? I have it set to turn off after 15min if no signal is detected. If I turn my DVR off and leave tv on it doesn't turn off after 15mins. Last issue is sometimes when I'm fast forwarding my DVR right before the show comes back on th tv will say no signal and go blank. It will be 30 seconds into the show once the tv comes back on and ill have to rewind it back.
Demo thanks ill try just popping it off then. Just to confirm the ir is where the tv power button is right?
Anyone have any tips on how to raise the tv an inch? My Sony sound bar blocks the ir sensor when sitting on the sofa. So I have to stand or raise my hand up when I use my harmony one to turn the tv on. Any thoughts? No wall mount either.
would buying an extended warranty from best buy be worth it on a UN40EH6000?
you on warm2 or warm1 ?
Thanks for detailed information. As I only have 4 days left for my return window (best buys new 15 day return policy sucks) I have two more questions. If I decide to keep the tv should I go for the extended warranty or no? Is samsungs 2 year good enough? Last is sometimes when I'm fast forwarding on my cox DVR the screen will cut out and say no signal. Is that normal or some weird feature? Or is something wrong?
Thanks! I ended up realizing that was the case.
Ok thanks for the clarification!
hey guys i just posted this in the calibration forum but i figued id ask here since you guys have the same tv Hello everyone, Hoping someone can quickly answer this. I'm fairly new to all this. I bought a disney wow blu ray before I found the avs hd 709 (could have saved myself $18) oh well. Anyways I'm trying to configure my new samsung un40eh6000. After reading online a lot of people say to enable super white on the ps3. When I enable super white my contrast gets all...
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