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Why would you not just use 80/30 for the 2 point initially just as you would if you didn't have 10 point adjustment available? I would suspect that you would initially want the curve to be as flat as possible and then fine tune it with the 10 point adjustment. -Mark
I would also like to know this. Why hasn't Calman updated their software to reflect the latest updates?
Sotti, would you mind explaining this a little more. I am having a bit of difficulty in understanding this concept. Thanks.
Tom, I have read and reread your post:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showp...&postcount=702 I am having trouble understanding the outcomes. I would greatly appreciate it if you could state the results a little more plainly as to what your findings mean. As I noted the ColorMunki which I have profiled from was enhanced by Spectracal. How would my Spectracal OEM i1 Display 3 profiled from my enhanced ColorMunki be expected to differ from your Pro version of the i1 Display 3?
I don't recall, do you have another meter from which to profile from? I have the "enhanced" ColorMunki from Spectracal from which I am profiling the i1 Display 3 from. If not, then the enhanced D3 might be the way to go.
Then you might get the following although you will be limited as to the accuracy of the meter without a reference: http://www.amazon.com/X-Rite-EODLT-E.../dp/B000CR78CE and use free software: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/colorimetre/index_en.php And read: http://www.curtpalme.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10457 Good luck.
I ended up using the Large APL Patterns. The small APL windows gave a significantly lower 100% IRE fl vs the large windows. My display is a Samsung 55 inch LED backlit LCD. You may want to check this before you get too far along.
This is what I did as well. For a home enthusiast, this is a fine setup.Well said. I have wondered this same thing. But, you sum it up right on. What is the difference in the ability of a display with 10 point WB and advanced CMS vs having a Duo or Radiance? And then, just how much accuracy is enough?
Does Calman offer measurement smoothing as in the example above?
Sorry, perhaps it's just me being a home DIY enthusiast as opposed to a professional, but it just feels to me like there is a bit too much snake oil going around. This just fuels consumer mistrust and confusion. I bought Spectracal's OEM i1Display since I currently own Calman and a ColorMunki. I am still puzzled at how this meter is intentionally crippled by Calman. Could someone please explain? The program default is set to 1 second. There are definitely times that...
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