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Maybe its wishful thinking on my part.
Thats my impression as well after upgrading to 1.30. The blacks look much richer and inkier rather than charcoal grayish/black. Does anyone know what 1.30 actually upgraded?
I really think the series hit a low point with last night's episode. I have been buying episodes on Amazon On Demand but after last night's episode I am pulling the plug on that. The show has so much potential and they really do need better writers. I am just going to start watching the show for free on Hulu. I just don't care about the characters or what happens to any of them anymore.
You are right, I am using pure analog connections. I think I am going to contact Oppo next week and see if i can upgrade BDP-83. I purchased it prior to the November 2009 cutoff date.
Noah, THANK YOU for this tip. Removing the metal covers over the tweeter significantly improved the sound quality.
I wasn't aware I could get my Oppo upgraded! Thanks for the tip! That is a great idea.
I have had my 807V speakers for a few days and wanted to post my impressions for anyone considering buying them sight unseen and also without auditioning them as I did. I have researched speakers for the past several years and knew I wanted Focals based upon reviews and a listening session at a hifi store in Portland, Oregon several years ago. Packaging and Appearance Unboxing these speakers was a joy. Focal does a great job with the film protecting all of the shiny...
Well I just purchased my dream speakers: a pair of old stock, new in box ebony 807Vs. After months of patiently scanning the classified ads on Audiogon.com, I ended up paying $670 including shipping from California to Texas. I also ordered the Auralex MOPAD Monitor Isolation Pads. I am planning on placing the 807Vs in an in-wall cabinet below my Panasonic 54V10. I am hoping that the slightly upward tilting angle of the MOPADS will result in a better sound field and tighter...
I thought I read earlier in the this thread that the 800 series are heavier in weight versus the 700 series of bookshelf speakers? I wish they made still made the 707. Otherwise my understanding is that they use the same components. I like the 807 but it's msrp is a little beyond my budget.
Amen to that brother. I enjoy how they are focusing on the Romans and their relationship with their slaves.
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