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I agree about the contrast being set too high. When I first got my led lcd I set it to where I typically set my ccfl sets and it was almost blinding. I dialed back the contrast and it was fine.
Looking for some suggestions for a center channel speaker to compliment a pair of Klipsch 3.5's. Ive been using the 3.5's with a stereo receiver for a few years and have to decided to go with a home theatre system in my basement. I like the 3.5's a lot and dont want to replace with something newer. Will be upgrading to an a/v receiver around 90-100 wpc, not sure if I will do more than 5.1 at this time. I might do 7.1 at a later time. Any suggestions on the center would be...
no problems with mine.
Doesnt the 6400 substantially exceed your budget?
Have you ran an optical cable from your tv to the receiver? Thats what I had to do.
I purchased the low profile mount from monoprice. Works great. If you get any kind of low profile mount you'll want to purchase some angled hdmi port savers because of the limited room behind tv when mounted. Without the port savers your cables and hdmi ports may get stressed.
I would go with the toshiba if a glossy panel doesnt bother you. I would imagine pq would be pretty comparable but I havent viewed the sony extensively. I dont like the bottom of the bezel on the sony and the toshiba is actually a very good looking tv. I would have bought one myself except for the glossy panel. Another reason to go with the toshiba is the included wi fi adapter which will save you about 80-100 dollars if you will be using the internet widgets.
In my opinion his best option would be a tv with a matte screen. In addition to the ones mentioned there is the samsung 630, up to a 46". There are also a few Lgs like the 5400 and 5500 with matte screens. Im sure there's probably more. I have a bright living room also so I've always went matte and even though I have blinds on the windows I prefer to have them open during the day.
There are a few ways you can tell. One is you can stand off to the side at an angle and if the pic doesnt wash out like the majority at the store will then its a good chance its an ips. You can also apply a little pressure on the screen and move your finger a few inches and notice the trail it leaves. If theres very little to no trail its probably ips. You can also take a magnifying glass and look for the chevron pixel structure.
Brightness 0?
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