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That "once in a while" thing I've lived with since launch.
That's why I stopped using the X1 for tv. The early march updated created a black screen when I switched over the inputs on my receiver. I said to myself, that was it. I can't take this anymore. I can care less about the voice commands when there is a black screen. Also, I hate that fact that everytime I wanted to watch tv, there is a possibility that it doesn't work. It makes a simple thing extremely complicated. No regrets here.
Do what I did and it resolved my Directv issues. By pass the x1 totally. I just want to watch tv and not have to trouble shoot.
Trying to find a game where I dont get my arsh handed to me is rare and far in bewteen. I mean, I play hard point just to get objectives points. Most of the time my teammates are killing instead of capping. I switch it up the game modes though. Im running shot gun suppressed and its working out pretty good. The kick melee has good reach. I think Im going to use auto titan more.
It's back
Not connecting here either. Server issues they are working on
^^ Yea, I haven't been playing in a while, mabye a month or so and I was having lag issues which was unplayable. There is no chance I will be playing this game anytime soon since I have Titanfall. Maybe by that time, this game will be resolved....yea right! If anything, I'll play the single player, oh wait, it still doesn't saving.
Looks exciting.
It seems when the match is over and dropship coming, any kills or deaths does not count?
you just did.
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