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and me
In other news, xbox gamer reached 1 million xbox points while playing titan fall. https://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in/renowned-xbox-gamer-becomes-first-reach-1-million-181318721.html
Finished both "single player" and played a few rounds of CTF and had a blast.
You know what i hate, when I have to hold "xboxbutton" to see the achivement or to join someones party. I always end up turning at "turning off console or controller" or sometimes back in the dashboard. Why can't they us another button?
I think if you have to customize slots, that time is really short. But I agree with you.
I finally got evacuated. I think they made the spaceship tougher after the beta because those things are hard to take down now.
I like to beatdown and crush pilots. It makes a squish noise.
Finished the Militant Campign. Not sure what the whole misson was about. Just a bunch of people takling and wasnt paying attention. But did get a nice titan from completing it. Burn cards are so, so. Once you die you loose the cards ability even though you were killed at spawn point. Which sucks. How do you climb on to another titan and rip off the switch? I did climbed on to one but didnt know what to do after that. Might have been my teammates titan.
I agree with you bori. The full game has more texture and seems a lot better than the beta
I played campign a little. So I'm guessing the story develops when your playing through it? It seems like different dialogue and events happening every map rotation.
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