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No cable, the pc has hdmi out to the tv, and optical to the receiver. Thanks for the reply!
early afternoon bump for help.
Good morning, I am finishing up a basement remodel, and was able to get my tv, speakers, PC and receiver setup yesterday. The receiver is an old Harmon Kardon avr 110 from 2000. When I turned it on, I noticed a slight hum on all the speakers. The hum does not really change much when I up the volume. It is not a huge deal when volume is up with music or a movie. There are brand new outlets in the basement, and I tried with the receiver using a simple surge protector and...
Thank you!Is it better to use HD size 2 then, or does that stretch the picture out?Is it the norm for THX not to be available, I just found HD masters settings for viera connect. I will try those tonight.Jack
Hi there, just got my 50gt50. I have pc hooked to it, and even after correcting over scan, there is a tiny band all the way around the screen. Is this normal? It was there in the viera netflix app too. Thanks
Anyone know who makes this case? Also, any recommendations for a mini power supply for it? Thank you very much, Jack
Thank you, I will do that tonight. It has been about a year since I installed them. Appreciate the help. Jack
Have a similar problem. Win 7 64bit, have shark codecs installed. I have a few files will not pay audio in WMC, or the audio is slightly off. The same files play just fine in VLC. Any ideas? Thanks
See no reason why you would have to format them. Would probably void warranty opening them up though.
I have three, only need the one really. Willing to help a member out if they need storage. Jack
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