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Thanks Terrya. I am seriously considering returning the Nova and getting a standalone DAC and pair it with a NAD C 316BEE. When I demoed it at a store, the sound quality was good but the unit was running like an oven and also did not have any digital inputs at all That's a very good theory, IOStream. Thanks. Do you think upgrading to CM5 from CM1 will add more punch to vocals?
Hi all, I purchased a Peachtree nova last night. I'm new to dedicated amplifiers and am replacing an entry level pioneer receiver with the PeachTree Nova. I like how the nova sounds with my B&W CM1 speakers (I'm feeding the Nova optical out from my xbox for CD playback and optical out from my airport express for streaming mostly 256KBPS mp3 files from my PC or spotify streams from my ipad). I like what I hear but I have a question: Question: Voices seem "laid back"....
Nlz, I bought the elite 110" and am very happy with it. If you have good light control , a 1.1 gain screen is just fine. Have you already mounted your projector to the ceiling ? If so, you may want to consider the fact that your lens ideally should be exactly parallel to your wall..I have an Epson 3010 that has the same limitation. I ceiling mounted the projector as high as it would go and then adjusted the height of the screen so that the image aligned. Since in your case...
Hi Guys, I have a xbox, comcast box, airport express all feeding into this receiver. However, i want to hook up a new CD player and a new integrated amplifier (I'm thinking Peachtree nova) into this and have those drive my 2 channel music. I don't have any surround speakers. I do have a HSU STF-2 subwoofer hooked up to the receiver's sub out. Since this receiver does not have a pre-out for left/right,can I use zone 2 in the above scenario and basically get all audio to...
Thanks, Ken. Can you recommend some websites ?
Hi I got the elite 110 cine white from amazon with free prime shipping. I'm very happy with it. I was in the same position and after much hand wringing, I pulled the trigger. Great bang for buck.
I purchased an elite sable frame screen and am quite happy with it. Followed the included instructions rigorously and was able to get a totally flat screen. Installation was easy even for a mechanically challenged person like me. Also, I got amazon prime shipping on it which was a big factor for me.
I'm no expert but I'd say carada criterion with 1.0 gain. 800 bucks or so for 110 inch. I bought the 320 dollar elite for 320 and am quite pleased with it.
I just bought a elite sable frame for 320 or so (110 inch ). It's great.
I've bought everything else for my ht. stuck on screen choice. I'm thinking of buying a 110" elite sable frame for about 400 or so. Vapex is my second choice but they don't offer 110". Third is carada mainly because they come in at 800 for a thick frame option which is a high priority for me. Comparable da-lites are going for a 1000 plus so that's out for me. I briefly considered favi but they don't have good fixed screen options. I'm going for a cinema white 1.1 gain...
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