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USB FILE SORTINGName and date sorts appear to be overridden by the actual order in which the file was written to the USB drive. I tried a little experiment - copied 6 files to the drive one file at a time in a specific order which challenged the time/date and alpha sorting. Sure enough the files appeared in exactly the same order on the OPPO.I find it amusing that when computers copy a group of files from one drive to the next they don't use alpha sorting or date...
For all those of you anxiously waiting in line - OPPO confirmed to me by phone that they are processing these orders by sign-up date. I signed up on December 5th. Just received my invite. Hang in there, everyone!
Wow... Neuro finally blew off a little steam... I guess he is human, after all...
Sorry, couldn't help myself... Origin of beta test Source: en.wikipedia.org The term beta test comes from an IBM hardware product test convention, dating back to punched card tabulating and sorting machines. Hardware first went through an alpha test for preliminary functionality and small scale manufacturing feasibility. Then came a beta test, by people or groups other than the developers, to verify that the hardware correctly performed the functions it was supposed to,...
Very much agree with above. After the first 50 EAP, I truly believed OPPO was being way too conservative by not just releasing the player to the general public. But with all the issues being brought forward by the lucky 300 I now see that they knew exactly what they were doing. Still, an open-to-the-public beta test (which is really what the EAP is all about) is a ballsy move. I wonder if they are having regrets at the undertaking?
Neuromancer has done a STELLER job at an unenviable task. Thanks, Neuromancer, for putting up with all of us!
Perhaps there is one other possible reason for installing the firmware before shipping. Since this is the first release of the player with decoding of DVD-Audio, and, presumably, will carry the DVD-A logo, if they shipped the players w/o the new firmware already installed it would make the player still only DVD-A capable--not truly DVD-A ready. Just a thought.
Wow... Thanks!
+1 on NTFS
Agreed... A back seat would be fine--it would be nice, though, to see ethernet streaming on the Feature Request list.
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