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Feature Requests are not intended to affect the release of the player. They are "hoped for" add-ons. Here's the list so far: * APE, FLAC, and WAV lossless; WMA and AAC lossy audio support. * Adjustable Crossover. The crossover is either an all-or-nothing 80Hz. We would like to see 40 to 120Hz crossover support. * Audio Delay over analog. Audio Delay is currently only available over HDMI. There is concern that analog users will experience down stream...
I would guess that OPPO has well over 90% of the necessary implementation for NAS support already handled: Ethernet hardware - check Ethernet protocol - very, very similar and far less complex than the already implemented bd-live User interface - check (same interface as the USB streaming already implemented)
Not Netflix... Not wireless... I'm interested in ethernet access to network storage (NAS).
Any reason why you wouldn't add ethernet streaming to the "Feature Request" list?
How about adding ethernet streaming to the "Features Request" list. I seem to remember Neuromancer mentioned some time back that he was pushing for this feature, so I assumed that it was already on the list. But it isn't, so let's make it official.
Up to 40 YES votes now. Some of the comments by EAPr's indicate the product's stability is beyond my pre-release expectations. OPPO is being very conservative, which I appreciate. Spent a few moments over on the DISH DTV PAL thread--an entirely different approach to new product release over there!
Well... 36 "YES" votes and counting. We only need...
I hate the e-mail refreshing part...
What pre/pro are you running, by the way?
Nice review. Thanks, XJ6
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