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Hey, OPPO, In view of the response so far, instead of another 100 random picks how about broadening the EAP to all those registered for the program! Sincerely, Your AVS Member Friends (Do you think they actually read all this stuff?)
And the countdown is ... 8!
Asked... and answered. Thanks!
Well... in a way they are. How else would the OPPO play menus, chapters, special features, etc. on a DVD?
Sorry...typo... I met ifo not iso.
I'm a little puzzled why DVD directory structures on USB devices are not supported, when you consider that by its very nature the BDP-83's ability to decode ifo/vob data is top notch via dvd disc. Is this a USB limitation? Or are there other issues I am missing? In the possible/future/maybe/hopeful implementation of ethernet streaming, would this directory structure limitation still persist? I would love to play my backup copies of movies over USB or ethernet directly,...
I was expecting a few "NO" votes based on the "my standards are higher than yours" mentality. But this is way out of the ballpark... Features that were not part of the BDP-83 specs should not be a basis for voting.
A little clarification on USB video would be helpful. I have a DVD backup on external USB drive with the following example: THE_SHINING .... AUDIO_TS .... VIDEO_TS ........ various VTS VOB & IFO files When I play this movie using, for example, VLC player all I have to do is launch the root directory (THE_SHINING) and the movie plays as a normal disc. Is this possible with the OPPO? Yes, I have read the manual and FAQ. My impression from all I have read is...
Congrats to the lucky few!
Given the odds, there's gotta be something better I can be doing with my time. And yet...
New Posts  All Forums: