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Ah! Good to know. Both that I'm not alone here, and that there is a work-around. Thanks.
The button at the top left of the mobile site that brings down the Forums and Subscriptions tree no longer works on my iPhone. It stopped working after I activated restrictions in an attempt to prevent this site from constantly opening the App Center. I've since reverted back to my old settings, restarted my phone, restarted my browser, and switched back and forth between the desktop and mobile site several times, but the button still does not work. This makes navigating...
This site doesn't like my MBP either. You're not alone, sir.
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
^^^^^. Haha that's funny....... On second thought. I haven't seen mine in months, and I have a sudden sinking feeling about that load of cardboard boxes I tossed a while back
That's going to be one heck of a door! You've got my stamp of approval
I was referring to the Sherbourn amps I picked up a while back. I was thinking using the AVR to drive as many of the surrounds as possible freeing up more channels of my Sherbourn amps. I think they claim 550 W driving all channels into a 4 ohm load. IIRC those horn designs require less than that to reach crazy levels. It was just a thought.
Sounds like a great idea. If I end up with an AVR that will let me do this, then I'll jump on it. I would much rather use the extra channels of amplification to drive a horn sub or something!
I think you guys are (or have already) hit on the topics that I'm not clear on. With my (small) antenna background, I can see that a larger driver will provide greater directivity. I'm not sure how crossing the horn lower impacts the performance (sound?) of the speaker. Or do I have that backwards and we want to cross the horn higher? How do I know how much directivity is enough? The crossover point for the 15 is not listed, so I don't know how those compare, or what I...
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