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Believe it or not, I got it at Home Depot online - price at $999 - the 1080p at 42" would have cost me $500 more. Thomas
Hi all, If you saw my earlier post I had a dilemma on whether to buy the smaller, more expensive 1080p Panasonic or the larger, less expensive 720P Panasonic. Well I made a decision and I couldn't be more happier. I bought the Panasonic TH-50PX80U and it looks great. At slightly over 9ft viewing distance, the picture looks fantastic. For the last week, I have been using the plasma burn in disk (I found the link somewhere in this forum) and have been running it for...
ah...decisions..decisions...Great discussion .. thanks everyone for sharing!! I am torn between getting a larger size or getting higher resolution. I am sticking with the Panasonic plasma TVs, will be sitting 9.5 feet away from the screen and my delimma is: 50 inch 720p TV (TH-50PX80U) or 46 inch 1080p TV (TH-46PZ800U) or drop down in size and go: 42 inch 1080p TV (TH-42PZ80U) or 42 inch 720P TV (TH-42PX80U) Because I am stuck with getting it from only 1...
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