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Ive been using that one for awhile..I suppose it didnt completley install untill after you turned the set off and then back on..you should be ok now.
What was in the update..what version are you using?
I dont think you can change the unit..but look on the web for an adapter that you can plug in and convert your voltage to 110 and plug into that, Make sure it can handle the load... Good Luck
Id like to know also
Will only a LG webcam work with this TV?
Well its still listed as opt in or out
Getting a new one today..6.00.01 to 6.00.11
Getting a new one today..6.00.01 to 6.00.11
Whats in the 9.50 update?
I havent seen much of a difference...I did check off the spy option..I guess a way of them admiting they got caught..and they always do
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