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All of your questions were answered in this thread. I suggest you reread everything very carefully.
I don't understand your comment. Are you asking how to hook up your audio sources to your receiver? If so, that is explained in the receiver's owner's manual. In any case, there is nothing in those links that changes what I said in my previous post.
Easy.http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/conten...ctv/technology See "Interactive TV" near the bottom of the page. I am sure every satellite/cable provider has something similar.
I wouldn't waste my time with it.
Sorry to break this to you, but if you still have all your sources connected to your tv and the Monster cable (overpriced and not worth the money) connecting your tv to your reciever, the best you are getting is 2-channel PCM out of the tv (unless as previously mentioned you are using the tv tuner for off the air broadcasts, so you can get legacy Dolby Digital) in which case you must use Dolby ProLogic II or IIX to get any sort of surround sound. You will not get leagacy...
Your tv will do absolutely nothing with a DTS signal fed to it. All of your sources should be connected to the Pioneer receiver, not the tv.
Without knowing what the rest of your system consists of, it is impossible to say if the EQ is worth using. If your system is multichannel (more than just 2-channel stereo) a 2-channel EQ is pretty useless IMHO.
TVs should not be used for source selection/switching. That is what receivers are for. In 99.9% of all tvs, everything fed to a tv is output as 2-channel stereo. Connect your sources to the receiver and let it do selection and then just route video to the tv.
Because this is a serious discussion, trying to help someone with a problem.
Wow. Two of your total of three posts in AVS have advised someone to move out of where they live. And you say other comments aren't useful? After reading your third post, I think you need a serious attitude adjustment if you are to continue posting here.
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