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18 gauge is kind of small. How long is your current run and how long do you think your new run would be. I would use 16 gauge wire for anything other than a very short run as a minimum. I suggest you read this: http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm#wiretable
I have some CDs of Bach organ music that would leave even MKtheater's subwoofer setup begging for mercy.
Read the owner's manaul. It will tell you how to configure the AVR for 5.1 vice 6.1. I doubt you will notice any significant difference.
Did you read the owner's manual as suggested? Its not rocket science.
From the Post review: "With no father in the picture, the two, somewhat unnaturally, share a bed. That would be creepy enough, but Mother, who is never referred to by any other name, also manifests a disturbing fascination with her 27-year-old son's private parts. One bizarre scene shows her watching Do-joon urinate, with an unnatural curiosity. Later in the movie, there are hints of an even more dysfunctional family history." Definitely not my cup of tea. Enjoy.
To m_vanmeter's response I would like to add: Read your owner's manuals. With your list and request you are basically asking someone to tell you how to connect and operate every component in your system via a post in this forum. That is impossible. If you can't understand the owner's manuals, than I suggest you hire an A/V installer to put your system together for you.
I can't find the review on-line from the Washington Post, but I recall reading it in the paper and that the movie was rated "X" due to a scene where "Mother" was bathing her adult son and a couple of other scenes. I see the BD is rated "R". Were these scenes cut from the BD release?
I read the reviews on this film when it was in the theaters and it was described as a very creepy film. Not in a good way either. I'll pass.
WHAT?????? Hendrix/Cream loud = Today's music loud = Oh. I'm 56 and play the Blues on electric guitar (not loudly).
Congratulations. Depending on the type of rubber used in the manufacture of that disc, you may have succeeded in destroying it. Very bad advice to be promoting to the owners of this machine.http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/healthguide...cognition.html > 4. Special precautions: Isopropyl alcohol will attack some forms of plastic, rubber, and coatings.
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