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I'm going off memory here but don't 3 and 8 to the right turn off the HPF and isn't that what we want?
My behringer mic2200 servers as a HPF and signal boost. I have it set up AVR-Antimode-Mic2200
I am confused by the switch settings to bridge my 2 behringer amps. On the EP2500 I have 3, 6,7,8 to the right and it seems to be fine with so signal coming through the other channel since its in stereo with parallel off. If i turn parallel on it clips. On the EP4000 the same settings give me signal to both channels. How the heck do i bridge these things?!
I'm using 2 ep4000's on my caps. Bridged mono at 8ohms Real world about 1400 watts. Under powered but sufficient for reference levels.
No double box just pallet wrap and one piece of foam over the woofer... Seller is sending me some duratex. Not his fault. Off to home depot to get some kwickwood
Well shipping is fine but don't let UPS package them!!! I sent one before and I packaged it... got there fine.
The seller is a good guy though so I'm trying to fix it
UPS "packaging"... It have one piece of foam in front of the woofer... nothing else
New cap came damaged! Working with the seller and going to try to fix it... Talk about a tease!!!
Fusion 10 pure
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