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I have not updated mine but will be following this post to see what others do and how it affects the unit.
It was $154.80 to replace my N804 tweeter. I tried to post receipt but unable to. Fernanda Silva was my contact and carried me through the process of ordering and installing. Very easy job.
You did good
I am really enjoying my X4000, but only as a preamp processor.
Sad news.
Mine developed IR/burn in. I purchased from Best Buys and with extended warranty for this reason only. 11 1/2 months after purchasing News Channel 4 logo burned into lower right corner, the Viera Cast would also burn in for periods of time after turning it on (I have it set to off but it still pops up) and the Oppo logo would also burn for a period of time after shutting off. Well I contacted Best Buys and in just a few short days I had a repair man at my door with a...
So the ZT's are also "prone" to the same issue. I had hoped the VT's did not but learned the hard way. Still love the picture though...
I, for one, am very happy that Best Buy's offers extended warranties for IR/burn-in. My Panny was 11 1/2 months old when I noticed a News Channel 4 Logo permanently etched onto my beautiful Plasma TV. I did purchase the extended warranty mainly due to the fact I had not for the Sony XBR-6 it was going to replace. The Sony developed the black blurry spots in the screen and did so about a month after the warranty expired. No help for that one, it's in my bedroom where I...
My VT50 developed IR at 11 months. I had opted for the extended service through Best Buy. I called them and eventually talked to a human that set me up with a panel replacement. Prior to this occurring I tried the built in options to relieve reduce the problem but it did not help. Mine was a local news channel logo, however there was also other things that could be seen when running the slides. Personally I would not buy the set at any price. Others may provide different...
I have seen ads on audiogon for B & W speakers for sale overseas using the exact same pictures of speakers for sale in the US. In fact one such ad was for Nautilus speakers on shipping wooden platforms in a warehouse. Yea, I'll buy that for a dollar.
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