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Yep. Unable to connect since around 3pm yesterday, just checked again and nothing. This has been getting ridiculous lately. Wonder when they're going to send my partial monthly refund... yea, right! hahaha
Merry Christmas right back atcha Mississippi Man, couldn't have gotten my Silver Fire screen completed without you and maxxx's help.
Yep, it sucks...period...
Yes, I would like to know as well. I'm more than willing to have WMC as my main interface, but with so many flaws reported and posted in this thread, I'm having second thoughts (just completed HTPC) any insight would be appreciated. *crosses fingers*
*edit* solved
Screen is 96" diagonal, it's a DIY 'Silver Fire' screen. Thanks for the compliments on my bass cabinets...Yes, it is a narrower line, I'll see if I can dig up build pics, cab is 2 foot deep on inside.*edit* found a pic, all clamped up...
Tons of great speakers and posts in this thread! Mine? A pair of Roger Sander's ESLs, and a long worked-on pair of transmission-line lows. Consisting of a Peerless 850146 10" woofer, loaded in an eight foot long folded TL enclosure. They sound simply fantastic...
This should be good... *subscribes to thread*
This a very informative thread, Electric.(I'm glad it's here) I just started to think about surrounds recently, and am torn on the subject of direct vs 'ambient' surround speakers. A good friend, and avowed audiophile, has recently argued with me that movie producers deliberately mix with direct sound in mind. Therefore rendering this whole 'ambient' representation invalid and inaccurate. What do you think, in regards to 'direct' surrounds? (Or should I start my own...
Thanks much Mike! *raises shot glass* Cheers!
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