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You can move the tuning adapter from one Moxi to another without any problems. You may need to reboot the Moxi you move it to and wait a few minutes for the channel list to update properly.
I think a number of these issues with button presses may have to do with just getting used to what their shortcuts are. I think most things can be done with relatively few button presses. For example, if you press the 'play' button on the channel it will tune to it immediately (recording the current channel does take 2 presses though, 'rec' then 'OK'). Hopefully the lack of menu customizations is addressed with their next update.
Actually, this quote from crunchgear is wrong. You can use as many Mates per Moxi as you want, but you probably won't be able to stream more than 2 HD streams (2 Mates) at a time off of one Moxi. Also, the Mates can access currently recording content within about a minute of the recording starting on the main unit.
You can remove the device from your account and remove all personal settings through the UI (it's under Settings->Moxi Setup->reset). Whoever you gave it to can then activate it the same way you did at moxi.com.
Is this the retail box or the 9012/3012s that Charter is actually deploying? The moxi.com site is for the retail boxes that Digeo sells directly. I'm not sure how/if you can remotely schedule the cable boxes.
The analog dongle is free if you buy it, although you do have to send in for it. The whole analog thing won't matter anyway for cable subscribers come June. But yeah, I've heard the OTA thing brought up a number of times as a lacking feature.
All of the features you see listed on the moxi.com site will never have an additional fee associated with it. If those features sound worth the initial price, go for it. It's not surprising they would leave it open for future fees because they may partner with other companies to bring additional optional features.
The Moxi software is stored on the hard drive. When you took it out, you took that with it.
The retail Moxi is going to have a Moxi Mate released for multi room viewing this year. They have the mate on display at CES right now.
As of right now they haven't officially announced this product as being released. It sounds like it's supposed to happen during CES since they have a press conference scheduled for Thursday at noon. If you check the CES webpage it actually says they are announcing TWO products. Maybe this announcement will include some explanation as to how that price is justified as well.
New Posts  All Forums: