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I thought "the last buffalo" was one of my favorite shows on this channel so far as content goes. Really enjoyed the show for the show its self. Not just another thing in 3d to watch just cause it is in 3d. plus the way it was filmed and the shots they got were just incredible. Kinda reminded me of "Baraka".
I watched both the China Revealed and the Into the Deep. They both looked fantastic. Based on the quality of this channel and the previews for the upcoming shows, I am finally excited about 3d on something other than Bluray.
Sweet! Cant wait for some more content.
Well at least they are now coming forward to explain what happened. I just wish this was explain via the email they sent me. I am still looking forward to trying this.
I sent a note to them asking the status of my order and how long they expect for it to ship.
No i have not received mine yet. I ordered mine on January 18th. I am not so hopeful now hearing you ordered almost a month ago and still dont have yours! That is not good for a start up company to make the few excited customers they have wait to get their product.
Watched a bit of the super pipe last night in 3d. It looked great. Looking forward to seeing the rest of xgames in 3d. sweet!
I think the the 3d in Crysis 2 looks better than it does in black ops and is much better done. You can tell they spend significant time focusing on developing this game for 3d. I feel after playing black ops on my Panny for more than 30 mins it starts to bother me. I never have a problem watching hours on end of 3d movies, both directv and blurays. With Crysis 2 the 3d effect just works. It looks great and ads Lots of depth and detail to the game. I played for 2 hours...
NICE! I did not know the demo was going to support 3D. Cant wait to get home from work and try it.
I couldnt agree more. with both parts. Good depth, 3d is done very well, but the movie itself was blah.
New Posts  All Forums: