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Not an Oscar nominee but I just watched a movie on blu ray called Counselor. The movie wasn't that great but I thought the sound mixing was quite good. The use of rear left and right channels was far better than most.
I don't know if they go to Edwardsville but these guys did one for me-Very satisfied: A-1 Satellite and Antenna, 7570 Watson RoadSaint Louis MO 63119, 314-961-9333
OTA for 24 years now. Saved a lot of $$
Thanks! for the above responses. Kind of what I thought.
Hi all! I am new to the St. Louis area and I am considering putting in an OTA antenna. My research shows that all the local stations are pretty much in the same direction and all are UHF. It would seem that a rotor is not necessary for reception. Does this information seem correct ? Any tips on what model antenna works well? I am in the Richmond Heights area.
I just purchased Jaikoz Audio Tagger http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/ It is supposed to be very good but a bit of a learning curve. I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment on how well it works. You might give it a look
Bob, Thanks for your detailed reply (#5152 above). Now I understand your "Bane of Blu-ray" comment. Sam
Yet another reason why I continue to call DTS, "The Bane of Blu-ray". --Bob[/quote] Bob, You said the above in a previous post about "up mixing" 5.1 content to 7.1. I was curious to what you meant exactly by this statement? I personally prefer DTS to Dolby. Could you expand on your comment? I'm just curious. Sam
I can't speak for Kevin but in my case I like the sound of regular DVD's run through the DAC of my AVR plus the ability to adjust the EQ. For stereo and Bluray I always use the Oppo direct through analog. Sam
Hi again Kevin ! My system is set up pretty much exactly as you are expecting yours to be. I think the 95 is designed for systems just like ours. The good thing about the Oppo is that you can buy it and try it out for 30 days to make sure it works the way you want it to. I think it will work just as you expect. Sam
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