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Teach the IR codes from the original screen remote to any other device in your activity (i.e. Projector, AVR, etc.) Name them SCREEN UP, SCREEN DOWN. Now you could either make the command part of the startup for the activity, or you could make a standalone button that would have to be pressed manually to lower the screen within the activity.
Only on days that end in "Y"
I've got an R9 270 in mine which has roughly the same dimensions and it fits fine.
It should look like this when you're done After you click on the main folder the individual movies will be inside. Again, I dont use XBMC but I'm sure you can sort them by year in the settings somewhere so they show up in the proper order.
No, it doesn't matter what you name the it as long as you have a main folder with an image named "folder" and all the movies in separate folders inside with their metadata and images
I don't use XBMC but i'm sure it works the same as Mediabrowser. You have to put an image in the main folder and name it "folder"
I understand what you're saying there but the flipside is that we all prioritize our possessions and hobbies differently. You may believe that spending $2000 on a server and storage drives is ridiculous, just the same way I laugh to myself when I see someone driving around in a car with $2000 dollar rims. I spend a lot of my expendable income on this hobby because I enjoy it and hopefully one day I'll just press "Play All" and wait to die
Why do I always buy everything at the wrong time? I just bought an R9 270 2 weeks ago and now that same card is $40 off
Awesome! You need to submit that thing over here http://www.overclock.net/t/666445/post-your-ghetto-rigging-shenanigans/0_20
I took my sickness one step further by deciding to build a watercooled i5 HTPC. Why? Because I wanted to. There is absolutely no reason that an aftermarket CPU cooler, or even the stock one wouldn't have sufficed but I like to do projects and this seemed like a fun one. Naturally I blew my budget about $300 dollars ago and I'm not quite finished yet, but I've enjoyed the hell out of it and you can't put a price on that.
New Posts  All Forums: