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My samsung ln46c630 keeps defaulting to auto motion plus. What would cause this? It started happening last night while watching a movie from my laptop via HDMI cable. I have been doing this for months with nothing strange until tonight. All of a sudden the TV started going into store demo mode showing all of its key features on the bottom of the screen, then the auto motion plus feature ketp defaulting to on?
I am just going to get an Oppo. NO drama, just works.
There are allot of bulbs on the market, but not OEM specific. If you can recommend one or a solid company to buy from, I would appreciate it. Its just time for a new bulbs, never been replaced.
Can you play BD-RE discs? I also use optical audio input from Cable box.
Due to newer tvs having 120/240hz refresh rates etc.
I know there are allot of posts in here, but, bear with me, do I need to do anything special to play my Sony Blu-ray player on here? Does the 60HZ hamper the blu-ray
What is the best format/size of a movie etc to burn to bluray disc, to be played in a stand alone player. My kids destroy stuff easily. So, for DVD's I would rip them to the hardrive then burn them to DVD-R so they can have. When they destory them, I would just burn another copy. Now, we have started upgrading to BluRays. I didnt realize some of these discs are up to 25GB, I guess I can put more than one blu ray disc on a disc.
Mine tv is within a niche above a fireplace, decerative only, also. I guess I need to get one. Thanks
Anyone use a soundbar with this tv? If so, what model and plugs do you use, hmi, rca etc? Mine sound is straight TV from cable box and/or sony dvd player.
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