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You are so right moxie, I should not have just jumped in and should have read the entire thread as it is on point with the title. Thanx so much.
This thread is incredible. Can the average joe really tell the difference between and Oppo and a Wal Mart sold BluRay on his 46 inch LCD tv?
If I can find a decent PCIe card with HDMI for my hp 1250n, I may buy it. No more than 75 bucks, which should be doable.
Well, even though Radeon says I do, this video card does not have HDM out. The picture is fine, no issues here.
My desktop does have a DVI output. maybe I need to upgrade my video card. I have a 500 watt Power Supply, so I can upgrade, and it is pcie. Not the best I know, but paid for. My laptop does have all the bells and whistles, Sager I just bought last month, but I am not wanting to hook her up to the TV. I just looked up my video card, and it states there is a hdmi output. I guess I need to look at this at lunch.http://products.amd.com/en-us/Graphi...9=1&f20=&f21=&
Road Runner, Time Warner
I am reading more books, in general. hulu and netflix seem to be the best bet here so far.
Right now my tv is hooked up via VGA cable. Is that too old of a connection? My desktop is 6 years old, a hp 1250n with a radeon 2600xt hd video card. justin.tv shows some sports and speed is streaming some stuff, like fia qualifying. Hopefully the races will be soon.
I am tired of paying the money for two houses to have cable TV, as I am a Geo-Bachelor 6k miles away from the family. So, I have decided to save a few bucks a month and just use the internet. What are some recommendations to watch racing events, some tv etc that you personally use or have seen work well. I dont want to buy a PS3, Roku or any other device, I just want to use straight internet. Thanks, and I am hope I am in the right forum section.
My 8300HDC doesnt record the whole show. Oceanic has no clue, and says sorry. I set my DVR up to record all showings of particular show. I set it to record that timeframe, and it always, on every channel I record, cuts the last minute or so off, so I miss the endings. I tried to set it up so it will record a specific time frame on that channel everyweek, and it refuses to accept my times I select, which is one minute longer than the timeslot. I do this as I am gone on...
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