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Outstanding! you have to love the Klipsch look. Can't wait to hear your impressions on the RC-64.
Congrats on the new home!! Let the Home Theater fun begin! JT
That's a crying shame! Maybe you can order one of the ones from the smaller venders and ensure it is perfect before returning this one?
I was able to update my 310 with out issue and it has been fine since Monday.
Have you tried to unplug the unit for 10 minutes and then plug it back in to do a soft reset. That may put things right.
Well there is always the Denon AVR 4520 which I believe is rated to drive 4 ohm speaker load if I'm not mistaken.
Thanks so much the speakers sound great since I ran Audyssey yesterday. Big difference in the over all sound..
A couple of new pictures of the copper woofers.
I sit 15 feet away from my entertainment center. The speakers sit about 4" higher then the RB-61's did on my old cabinets. Being this far away hasn't effected the image for me, it seems that there is a better sound stage then I had before. I think I'm done for a while with any up grades.. I have turned over almost every piece of equipment in the last 1.5 years. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy once I rerun audyssey!
It has arrived! The new Klipsch RC-52II. It's much bigger than the RC-42II and sounds very good. I haven't hade the time to rerun Audyssey which will have to wait until Saturday. I also picked up new speaker stands which put the tweeters at ear level in my seating position. I can't wait for Saturday to complete the Audyssey! Here are a couple of pictures.
New Posts  All Forums: