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Do you have the release notes for the new Denali? And anything for the new firmware of the Jayhawk that loaded when the Denali was installed? ItsNewToYou
I just bought one of these and installed it yesterday, it doesn't do as much as the Intel device but you can easily track down what is eating your electricity. http://www.bluelineinnovations.com/
I guess I was wrong I am still having the HDMI audio issue. Insight. ItsNewToYou
Lindend; Sorry about the delay... MSO changed a setting in the TVG and both issues appear to be working correctly. ItsNewtoYou
I have 2 of the TDC787x boxes and have noticed a lot of weirdness happening with them. One of the issues is when I connect via HDMI to my Hitachi tv every day at least one time per day the sound will go to max and I have to mute the box for about 10 seconds then it goes back down. Changing the volume level on the TV nor the box has any affect. If I switch to component cables(5 wires) it no longer does this. I also have a problem of the boxes just randomly resetting....
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