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I'll fund it out of pocket for starters. I can do the hardware and some of the firmware. When I have the details ironed out I'll put forth a business plan on Kickstarter.com and see what happens.
I've been absorbing scads of info (thanks all) over the weekend. And Lance's post makes some excellent points. Here's my take and my current take on the matter. The Brains: Top choices so far... 1. An embedded Linux with enough resources to run as a LAMP, telnet, SSH server. Also at least four serial ports with a mix of RS232, RS485 and perhaps an RS422 port. An SPI or I2C bus to control the brawn*. RTCC with battery backup. The AT91SAM9G20 with an SD card socket would...
Nice article Amir. Those RS232/485/422 ports use the MAX3160 but it's not a cheap part especially when you need six of them. Since the AMX NI-3100 has an MSRP of $2500 it can afford such a part I quite like the AMX NI-700, AMX NI-900 ($990) Wow this is an eye opener AMX EXP-8490 AMX EXPerience Kits (MVP-8400 + NI-900) $7324 touchscreen and controller Ahh an AMX price list from 2009 http://www.onsiteav.com/nlm/catalog/...ist.Feb.09.pdf
Thanks Amir, yes I asked for popular. Doesn't matter if it's DIY or expensive. I'll scour through whatever info they publish and see if it's 1. available, 2. DIY friendly, 3. the cost. I wonder if I'll find a single schematic or software listing
I Googled HCA, got hospital health care. And yes it's a learning curve. If you could read my mind at the moment you might see a tiny self contained Linux LAMP server with SD card... Missing units added thanks, now here a tricky one. Rough estimates on price? Installer needed or self install?
I'll go into further detail shortly, I'm just hammering this out on my iPhone. Without mentioning the PC software what stand alone hardware options are there to consider? Elk Gold HAI Omni Pro 2 Cortexa (it's a mini-itx PC with what appears to be an I/O expander PCI card) JDS Stargate (not mentioned so far) Crestron Am I missing any popular choices? In the next couple of days I'll start a new thread with my proposed specifications based on feedback here and in other...
IMO The closed black box controller has got to go. I'm trying to take the mystery out of the HA / HVAC world. That said some folks want it all and are willing to pay for it, that's fine, but wouldn't it be nice to have an HA / HVAC controller for the rest of us. I'm not talking about distributed audio and home theater but basic control of a typical home. ie: lights, thermostat for starters. What I propose is: Open source hardware. This is something I can design (of...
I'm curious to what CPU the Omni Pro uses? Looks like a Realtek Ethernet IC.
Hmm OpenRemote seems promising. It's an app for iOS but that's cool. I'll put it on my iPad take a look.
Thanks for the link, good reading too bad the OP hasn't returned since March 2010. I'm not aiming my product at the rich but the everyday man. Why can't the average joe like myself included be able to control his thermostat or lights from the web without hiring a consultant or thousands of dollars worth of hardware to do the job. I have a vision, maybe I'm way off track but that's why I'm posting here. Have I missed something, does this device exist? The first physical...
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