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LC2's a great center. It's a little big and has funnier impedance ratings than the towers, but if you feed it good clean wattage, it's got a good range and presence and blends very well with the L series towers.
Run a single RCA cable from "Sub Preout" to your Mirage. If it were me, I'd run it to the Xover Bypass jack on the Mirage as that will let your Auddysey 2EQ settings rule over the crossover knob on the back of the Mirage. If you want to keep the crossover knob in the mix, just run it to the Input and turn the crossover knob on the mirage all the way up (at least to 120Hz).Check the 607 forum. The 606's firmware cannot be updated, so we likely won't be able to help you work...
The waveguide is basically a variant of the biradial horn design that spreads the ideal listening window of the tweeter wider horizontally, but not vertically. If you do wind up sitting your L890s up higher on a riser type frame, I'd try at least to screw the feet in such that the tweets and mids are directed down toward the sweet spot for listening (higher in the back, lower in the front), you could alternately give the riser a tilt with shims or construction.
Cool stuff! Just remember if moving the L890s that you want your tweeters and mids to align in the front at ear level (or tilted toward ear level in the case of your LC2).
I'd keep the extra as a parts mule or the rear in a 6.1. You can run into some trouble trying to run two in-phase centers, especially at the same height, as they'll cancel and reinforce each other at certain points and frequencies.
I was having a similar issue when my network connection (I use a wireless bridge cabled the 3808ci) got spotty. It would load one station, but as soon as it lost the feed, it would cycle to the next station and so on. If it were me, I'd reset my router(s) and any other network devices in the path to the 3808ci and ensure they're handling traffic as before. For me, specifying my QoS bandwidth (instead of leaving it automatic) resolved the issue.
I just contacted their parts department via email, but per their website, you may contact them at the number listed below:"Products out of warranty need to be serviced by a JBL-approved service center. Please call 1-800-336-4525 to find authorized service centers near you."
I at least recall that a USB drive has to be FAT32, but I don't think it matters over ethernet or wifi.You guys have helped me work through something I hadn't realized or thought about in a while. I had two dead-end ("EDIT: Got it! Thanks a million for all your all's help! Love this thread.EDIT#2: Only .mp3 files are visible? Is there something else I need to do to make FLAC files visible?EDIT #3: Now FLACs are visible, but when I attempt to play them they go to the...
But wouldn't I still need something to serve the files up, such as PS3 Media Server? I use Homegroup on Win7 to share my documents and files broadly in my network, but the 3808 didn't have an entry under 'Media Server' till I started using TVersity and eventually the PS3MS, though I've also experimented with others. What directory would the networked computer be under in the NET/USB submenu if not using a separate media serving program? Or do I need to take a further step...
You're right on in your assessment that I'm looking to stream direct to the 3808 and let it do the decoding (since it's theoretically capable and has better DACs than anything I've currently got attached to it).I agree that the interface is cumbersome and sluggish, but I've got patience in far greater quantity than money to buy music servers, so if a solution would allow me to stream directly non-transcoded FLACs to the 3808 to decode, it would greatly help.Thanks for the...
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