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why twice in 30 mins? So you unplug it for how long? 15, then plug it back in for how long? Then unplug it again? I heard this on the Directv customer service, but didn't really know what they meant.
I knew somebody had to have this problem. The strange thing is I saw the 3d update like last week on my box (Just a HD Receiver) Saw the 3d update on Thurs or Friday of Last week on the HD DVR Receiver. This morning turn on the Regular DVR, and well it didn't turn on (only the TV). Did the Red Reset, and it powered on. Tried to turn on the HD Dvr and it wouldn't turn on. then I had to head to work. HD DVR not even turning on, the other DVR stuck on one...
I didn't have anything to compare it to, (expect non-HD TV) so Everything looks better on the new TV. Breaking in is completely up to you. I did for the first 100 hours and then on and off for the last 25 hours. The point is to age the plasma gas so all the colors get aged the same level. I didn't. I used the slide show. I didn't want to run my Xbox 360 for 100 hours and have it over heat. Just know that Image Retention is normal with a Plasma. I learned about...
I would say it is explained to some what but mostly as not that big of deal. It seems like its more explained as a rare thing that happens, and if it does happen, it will go away as your tv get older. Neither of these things seem completely true. Its seems like you are going to get some form of Image retention. How bad it ends up bother people I guess is still up in the air.
These are some of the things I got explained me to me before I bought my plasma a year ago. But lately the Image Retention is getting worst. (mostly for video games). http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1223469
For gaming I use the preset gaming settings which are pretty bright. When I go back to TV it the normal but some what custom setting, nothing to high.I haven't noticed anything with Black levels changing. The picture (in both Video games and TV) seems to look the same as always. I do have lower lighting in the bedroom (two 60 watts) is about it. It honestly seems like its always been there, just slowly getting worst the longer I own the TV.
I bought my TV Last April (09). I felt it was the best picture, would do good in most games (Xbox 360) and from what I gathered burn in and image retention was a thing of the past for Plasma's. The TV is great! I even took the time to use the break in images. Technically I guess they are suppose to run up to 120 hours. I ran mine for 100 hours (Used the internal clock in the TV to know how long I had it on for). After a 100 hours I set the TV up and started to use...
Its right on the back of the TV. There is a Sticker (white) that shows the SN and Month it was manufactured.
I thought I had it bookmarked. I know it was posted on here, but all my searching I can’t seem to find it exactly.If you are using the 13 slides from D-nice you have each slide for 30 seconds (or as close to that as you can). There was another set of slides (120 slides) and those are no more then 10 seconds each. I think the slow was around 7-8 seconds. This is what I used.
Been enjoying the TV so no time to come here. I don't see much phosphor trails in the videos I did on youtube. I guess others have said they see it. I don't. But don't take much from those videos. I do see some phosphor trails in Call of Duty 5. Mostly some windows (when you are in some dark room) or some lanter or light on the wall, and you move really quick. I wouldn't say its as bad as the Star wars game that we have seen, but I do notice it. Fallout 3 has some...
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