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I am somewhat puzzled that no one is commenting on the short running times of the IMAX disks. They only run for about 45 minutes, about half the length of an average movie, and yet they charge as much for them as a full length movie. They would have to include a $10 bill in the package before I would buy one.
As noted in the first quote above, I have gotten PowerDVD 10 to play a 3D Blu-ray movie disc successfully in 3D without the need for the Slysoft modifications.
No, I am playing the 3D Blu-ray disc in the optical drive without any modification to the contents of the disc.
After I made this post, I have been able to get PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II to play Hugo in 3D using Nvidia Vision 3D glasses and a GTX 670 graphics card. I can not be certain, but I believe what made the difference is that I changed the following setting: In the settings dialog box, on the "Blu-ray disc" page, I selected "Allow connection when certification is invalid". After I did this, an error message was eliminated when the disc was loading, and the "3D" button down in...
I have PowerDVD 10 Ultra and I can't get it to detect my ASUS VG278 as 3D-capable. So I echo your query: What works for playing 3D blurays?
I am attempting to play a 3d bluray for the first time and I notice that the indicator light for the infrared emitter on my Asus VG278 display is not lighting up, and I do not notice any 3d effects while watching the movie. The movie is Hugo 3d. My video adapter is a GTX 670. I'm running Windows 7, 64-bit., and I'm using the active-shutter glasses that came with the Asus monitor. The "info" tab in PowerDVD 10 Ultra shows: "3DNow! Technology: Not Detected". I've...
I have now determined that the problem is coming from the Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H motherboard. I did this by switching the Asus VG278 monitor to another computer which has an Asrock motherboard. The Asus monitor went into stand-by mode normally while hooked up the Asrock motherboard. I am now betting that the problem is in the Gigabyte motherboard BIOS. I have flashed their latest BIOS and set the BIOS to its default settings, so I guess that the problem won't get resolved...
My Asus VG278 monitor screen flashes on very briefly every few seconds when the screen is turned off or blanked by Windows Power Management or by Gibson Research's Wizmo application. This happens when the power button is turned on and the monitor goes into low-power or stand-by mode. I have it attached directly by a DVI cable to a Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard. I am running Windows 7 64-bit. I presume this is due to a bug in the monitor's firmware. I don't know what...
The problem is that you do not want 4K instead of 2K. What you really want is "more K", and there is no technology that will satisfy the desire for "more" regardless of what you already have.
You need to actually install those programs and then indicate in the BDClown options the locations where you have installed them.
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