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Remove your Netflix cookies and otherwise make sure you are not logged in as a member to get to the correct page by clicking the link that I provided.
Apparently your receiver has no HDMI inputs, otherwise you would be connecting your DVR to your receiver with HDMI, and your receiver to your TV also with HDMI. 3/2.1 is 5.1, is it not? (3 + 2 = 5.)
That's good.
Ditto the 4GB drive with me. As you may know the 360 requires a 1GB minimum thumb drive, and it needs to be a slim form-factor drive to fit in the recessed socket on the 360. The thumb drive I'm using now has a 9mm x 19mm cross-section and fits in the 360 socket ok, but when I used it with the BD-Live feature of "The Changeling", many of the downloaded featurettes stalled out and refused to play all the way through, so I will probably be buying a new thumb drive with a...
I read that makeMKV works with Blu-rays. Is it able to do this on its own, or does it require AnyDVD HD to be running in the background in order to decrypt the Blu-ray?
With so many discs arriving cracked, I have to wonder whether they are being careful not to ship discs that are already cracked. It would be interesting if you would notice whether Netflix is shipping the same cracked disc to you more than once.
What does that mean?: "red/white audio, optical" If you are hooking up to your TV with HDMI, you should not need any additional audio connections because HDMI carries audio. Perhaps "static" is your TV's way of saying, "What the...".
When I click on your "this" link, I am directed to a Netflix log-in page and I can't get past the log-in because I am not a Netflix subscriber. Thanks for your info about this though.Go here and click on "What are the system requirements?":http://www.netflix.com/HowItWorksI am too far away from AT&T's glass fiber to get their 6 mbps DSL service. I tried that once and could not get much more speed out of it than I now get with their 3 mbps service.
After checking the Netflix website, I see that they suggest that a computer used for watching instantly Netflix movies should have at least a 1.2 gHz CPU, but since they don't say anything about connection speed, one might suppose that a dial-up connection would be plenty good enough. Should I be surprised if I find that my 3 mbs (minus 20% for overhead) DSL connection would be inadequate, and therefore I might need to upgrade to a $50/month cable connection in order to...
After reading about the many failures of the Hauppauge HDPVR, I am wondering, since video capture cards have been around for a long time, wouldn't it be possible to use a capture card and some kind of capturing software instead of the HDPVR to record programs recorded on a satellite or cable box and thus transfer them via the component outputs to a PC? This would be assuming that the computer and operating system that was being used was of the latest technology.
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