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I am puzzled by what I see displayed on the TV when I press the "DISPLAY" button on the BDP-S360 remote. For the audio, it says: "1: English Dolby TrueHD 3/2.1 48 kHz" It is supposed to be playing a 5.1 sound track, so what does it mean by "3/2.1"? I am feeding my Onkyo TX-SR705 via an HDMI cable certified for HDMI version 1.3, and the Onkyo is displaying "TrueHD". The BR disc that I am currently playing is: "The Reader". I have the Onkyo set for "THX Cinema" My audio...
Unfortunately in order to stay in business, BB has to be in the business of maximizing profits, not maximizing shipments. I've come to expect "X" shipments per week on a "X"-out-at-a-time. One movie per week on a "1-out-at-a-time", 2 movies per week on a "2-out-at-a-time", etc. Yes, more would be better, but if that comes at the expense of driving BB out of business, where would we be then? Driving Netflix out of business? Then what? I think we should be satisfied that...
"The Machinist" is now on "Very Long Wait" status on Blockbuster. It took 2 days to go from "Available" to "Very Long Wait". Patience!...
Oh brudder!
I see a few blu-ray titles that include a digital copy of the movie. I understand that this copy is a SD version of the movie. If a person were to use this feature, what is the procedure? Do you have to install a program on your computer that takes over the copying process and therefore limits you to one digital copy of the title? What is the format of the resulting copy: IFOs & VOBs that will play in a stand-alone player? And what is the format of the disc that contains...
I haven't noticed a problem with low volume output on the 360. What bothers me with nearly all movies is having to crank the volume up so that I can understand the mumbly dialogue, and then having to crank it back down in order to avoid waking the neighbors whenever the movie starts playing loud mood/background music.EDIT: changed "they" to "the movie"
The DishNetwork VIP722 DVR does display CCs over HDMI for live & recorded programs such as CNN, etc. To the OP: If you are interested in whether the Sony BDP-S360 will display CCs over HDMI, I suggest you go to the following forum and ask your question there:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...1126056&page=7
Ok, I did a little research on CC vs. subtitles, and I see that CCs are decoded by the TV, not the BD/DVD player. Apparently they are only sent over the composite (RF) channel, not over HDMI. I have not played any TV series discs on the BDP-S360, so I can not say from experience what would happen with that type of disc, but I am pretty sure that CC would not be sent over HDMI. EDIT: The BDP-S360 has a composite video (yellow) output jack but no RF output jack.
I have a BDP-S360 and can confirm that it does do subtitles on BD over HDMI. Unfortunately I do not understand the distinction between closed captioning and subtitles, so I can not be helpful in that regard. I can tell you that it has never failed to display English subtitles on any BD that I have played on it over HDMI.
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