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Thank you again for your replies.Although what you are saying are the most common and accepted informations in the forums, I will keep investigating the avr models. Because I really want to avoid using switch or splitter.I already had some feedbacks confirming that some Pioneer models (last year's mid-level vsx-2021 too) are able to passthrough 3D signal to the projector when a 2D Tv is connected to the 2nd HDMI output and in standby. I think this is thanks to being able...
Thank you for prompt reply.I see that there are some HDMI splitters which can solve this problem (here and here.Isn't there any 2012-model AVRs which can do the same ?
Hi,As I mentioned in my post here, I'm about to buy a new avr and I just came across with this post which suggests :Actually I sent him a PM, but I'm really in a hurry (yes, that much), so I started this thread.Is what he suggests even possible ? Does everyone who has a 3D projector have to buy a 3D Tv as well to use the 2 outputs of an AVR ?
I'm not questioning your knowledge but I have to ask, are you sure ?I'm about to buy a new avr just to have 2 HDMI outputs for my 3D projector and 2D Lcd Tv.Can't I really passthrough the 3D signal to the projector from the GPU of my HTPC ? I can't believe this is true
@Colm Thank you for further explanations. They helped me to understand my issue better and I will post my feedbacks later.
Thanks for all inputs. Now I'm really confused about what 1.4 means for cables, for GPUs, for HDMI switches etc. Yesterday I tried playing 3D bluray with Power DVD connecting my old HDMI cable directly to the GPU (Nvidia GT430) and it played well. When I connected it through my 2x4 HDMI 1.3 switch, Nvidia control panel did not show anymore the 2 resolutions under HD 3D header on the top of available resolutions (1080p24 and 720p60). Therefore, I could not play 3D Bluray...
Thanks for your reply,Pls correct me if I'm wrong, but 1.3 does not support "frame packing" like 1.4 does which is necessary for playing 3D Bluray. So, I think networking capability is not the only difference between 1.3 and 1.4 and supporting frame packing "may" be a kind of proof for 1.4.* By the way, I only expect my HDMI cable to allow me play 3D Bluray ISOs perfectly without any quality loss.
Hi, I'm starting this thread to ask for your comments about whether my HDMI cable is 1.4 I've Nvidia GT430 installed in my HTPC and I'm able to watch 3D Bluray ISO with Power DVD (ripped from the Bluray I own as you can guess) without problems when I set the resolution to 1920x1080@24hz. Does this prove that my HDMI cable is 1.4 compatible ? Should I seek further proof ? (it is a 10m cable which costs 13$). * I know actually there is no HDMI 1.4, but you know what I...
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