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Thanks for your help, Looks like I'll get some components.. they seem pretty cheap on ebay. Do you have any suggestions for audio?? Can the audio going into the RCA cables come out of the Optical out on my TV to the Receiver?? Would that make any difference?? Should I install the components directly to the TV or Receiver?? thanks
just got a black wii, kinda weird how it doesn't have hdmi. Guess the next one will have it. Just wondering how I should hook this up?? Guess I could go with components from wii to 876. I have HDMI going from receiver to my 7 series samsung. I think I read that I could go optical from 876 to tv as well. Would that be worth it?? And is there going to be much improvement if I go component rather then the original cables that came with the wii?? my 876 is getting pretty...
Hey guys hows it going?? Just moved recently and the place where I have my PB13 is not that good. When I sit way back in the room where my computer is I hear way better bass and the vocals and everything just seem a lot better. My Computer is about 5 - 6 feet behind my main sofa listening position. When finding a place to put the sub is the crawl test good?? I also have a radio shack meter. Can you guys recommend a good Test CD that I could use to find a good...
Thanks man got it working!! It recognized it right away when I chose TrueHD. I use a harmony one remote with logitech ps3 adapter, I tried looking in the menu settings, I even looked in the language settings menu but thought that was for captioning since I didn't see any audio menu. I'll be sure to check for that on future Bluerays. It seems like it gives a lot more bass now! Thanks again
I set it to bitstream, I couldn't find anything on dark knight to change it to True HD. Went thru all the listening modes and True HD isn't showing up on the display. Not sure what else it could be. Anything else I could try?? Thanks for your help
Hey guys, I have an harmony one remote, did they release an advanced version for the harmony one cause I'm not sure if I have the advanced version or the regular. I bought it awhile ago. So I recently seen the 900, how does this compare to my harmony one remote?? Any new features? The reviews on the logitech website don't look as good as the H1
lol exactly This is what I read: The PS3 Slim contains an updated HDMI chipset which can stream both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio over HDMI. Not sure how to enable this on the 876.
Hi would anyone be able to help me out with the Onkyo 876. I have a ps3 slim and it supports HD audio. I can't seem to find HD Audio in the 876 settings, is it called pure audio?? I read that you get the pretty blue lights when using HD audio and only blue light I see is when I use pure audio. Thanks
Got a question related to PS3 slim. I want to have the true HD audio, is it actually called pure audio on the 876 or is there a different name for it?? I can't seem to find it in the settings. Thanks
Thanks for your reply.. local HD channels, how can I find out which ones those would be. My cable provider is Shaw, is there a list of encrypted channels?? The main channels I want to record are OLN, Speed HD, Discovery HD. Would I have any problems recording those?? Not familiar with QAM.. I did a search and got the impression its a digital signal but broadcast on a SD channel?? Is this similar to OLN when I record on my PC its SD but when I record on my DCT6416 it...
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