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2x 18" zv4 d2 in 6 cubic feet dual opposed.
How are you liking the 3677s?
We call those the big marty
Those are some nice shmarty50s you have.
Foam will be here Thursday. I keep forgetting to get a quote from 84 lumber for 703
ahahaha...I don't think we'll see too many ported monsters just due to size constraints.. sealed are easy. I know of something that I'm helping out with in the near future that may cause the zv4s to rise in popularity lol. Wonder where those boxes of mine went off too
Keep in mind, I wasn't hating on anyone, just trying to diversify a bit. Seems the forum laser focuses on certain things sometimes.
Well, part of it is if you want slam, the levels need to be loud. The speakers listed can do that pretty well. My $0.02 is listen to something that's really high sensitivity, lots of dynamic range, that can output high levels cleanly with good directivity. EQ them to taste. I'm not doing anything special with the speakers on my system, I auditioned a bunch and picked which I liked the best. They also happened to be one of the highest sensitivity out of the bunch. ...
I actually meant to quote Noah Katz who already pointed out some of it. I think something weird happened when replying there. fixed my post. I also replied to another post that was pure speculation about how a speaker might sound. Reading through this thread, you'd think that there are no other quality speakers or options besides the JTR or Danley. IMO, listen to some high sensitivity speakers with a good cd/wg, or a high efficiency array. There's lots of options,...
Really? I try to stop some lemming trends
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