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Since you mention value and I get asked often...
Should have sent a PM
*shrug* no complaints here. Sound great to me.Check out Imagic's post regarding the speakers. He's heard plenty, no complaints there.
http://www.jblpro.com/www/products/cinema-market/screenarray-systems-2-way/4722_4722nNote, page there lists the 26SH-1 as the drivers in the bottom. It's a typo and should read 265H-1. They've been updated, for a while now, and come with dark drivers like mine. They now use the 265H-2.The spec sheet is accurate, but uses an older image.
You guys should demo some big jbl's
I use this. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Con-Tact-48-in-x-20-in-Black-Ultra-Grip-Drawer-Shelf-Liner-04F-C6O51-12/100388913?N=c3xhZ5yc1v
or take it to electronics repair and spend like $150 and still come out ahead.This is the DIY forum. Some of us on here are capable of *gasp* diy, though lately it seems less so.
it's noisy at the beginning of the video because its sitting on the pole vent. He lifts it and it gets quiet.
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