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Yeah, I have skimmed through that in the past, just was specifically looking for insight on the crossover components. I tried PE originally, but specifically trying to find an exact 8.2uF or 14uF caps was problematic. I found after several hours that browsing was the way to go. Looks like a 8.0uF and 15uF in their place will not hurt. These will be the only deviations in the improved design in the PDF.
Picked up a set of Realistic Mach One speakers (4029) in a flea market for $20 each in perfect cosmetic condition, they were still in the original box. The woofer surrounds were toast and instead of replacing the surrounds I ended up getting a pair of Radio Shack 40-1301 replacements on e-bay for $91 shipped. Now I am trying to follow this pdf: www.levlhed.com/docs/tier1.pdf‎ At the point of trying to locate the crossover parts and would like to buy a complete crossover...
Is the MCS-90 5.1 set worth interest? Found a set locally for $150.
If anyone has a WinISD file for them that would be great. Looks to be the ek15 series. Guessing 400W rms. Worth the trouble?
Figured someone has seen these before. Friend has two of them from a truck and wants to do something with them, debating if it is going to be worth the effort. The logo looks like an e with a . They are DVC 15" & each coils measures 2 ohms. Thanks...
These are about a year old, sealed 12" Infinity 1262w. Each occupy their own 1.25^ft space in a single 30"x14.75"x14" cabinet:
Yes I know all about impedance and the complexities that arise with AC measurements. The DC resistance of 1.8 would be 1\[1/(1.8+1.8)+1/(1.8+1.8)]=1.8 ohms on the meter. Add .2 ohms for wire (measuring at the end of wire at the amp) and call it series/parallel. Was just confused on getting the ohm measurement. Normally I would have this on one channel of my amp and another 10" 4 ohm DVC to load the other side (input y mode), that voice coil is wired for parallel and...
Maybe the wire is adding another ohm in there?
Just a quick question, without pulling the subs out of the box (I have 2 Infinity 1262w in a sealed box, 2.5^ft enclosure). I thought they were wired series/parallel and being 4 ohm DVC to a single speakOn 4 pole. When putting them to an ohmmeter, I am getting 2 ohms. I have been using this setup over a year with a Crown XLS1000. It was okay, but recently I purchased an Art box to cleanup a laptop ground loop problem with my separate little DJ setup. Was testing it on...
Anyone know where I can get a AT-6100 Pro Six Channel Amp serviced at? I have tried a few vendors and they say AudioTrak no longer distributes to the U.S. The output boards are fine, it is a problem with the main processor/control board. I have no schematics for this thing. I am at a point where I would like to find someone else to service this item. As it sits now, it the protection circuit alarms for all 6 channels.
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