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Is it possible to set an input button, like DVD/BD/etc.., to NOT send an IR code, or send a bogus code? I'm using the RAV386 remote with my RX-V3900 and am trying to figure out if a few input selection buttons, such as DVD, BD, CBL/SAT could be set to NOT change the actual input on the RX-V3900 while still using that input's other buttons on the remote. I tried changing the i/o assignment for DVD to nothing, but it just then switches the video to the chosen Yamaha...
I'm a bit late to the game here, but just in case anyone would like to see the solution I implemented you can view it here: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/foru...for-jbl-l820-s
I upgraded the firmware and this problem seems to be resolved now. Thanks. Here are some shots of my setup:http://www.hometheaterforum.com/foru...for-jbl-l820-s
I think you're right, it just sounded like the YPAO sounds to me at first but I'll bet it's just malformed digital surround stream made audible.
While fast forwarding during a recorded show, and ever since a very recent upgrade to my U-Verse set top boxes, my Yamaha R-XV3900 will occasionally blast us with its YPAO test sound which sounds like aliens shooting laser beams at full volume. It's an annoyance to me, but is most disconcerting to my sleeping dog who's convinced it's full on alien invasion. I can deal with the known issue of audio drops when using surround sound from the U-Verse STB, but this new bug...
I had a frustrating time trying to get 1.13 via RapidShare. I did finally get it, but it certainly wasn't any fun. To that, here's an easy link to the 1.13 firmware update if anyone else wants to get it a shot. http://www.perdignus.com/content/files/RXV3900v113.zip I haven't had any issues with 1.13, but it also didn't resolve my audio drops. However I'm now convinced the RX-V3900 isn't at fault and that they are caused by my Linux HTPC (I can see it in the logs)...
I'd also like to get my hands on the 1.13 update. I have always had audio drops with my 3900 and the wife has had enough of it. Would the last person to receive it send it to Gary and me please?. Thanks, Patrick.
(RANT MODE ON) I don't know how anyone else feels, but 2 minutes to pull up the real time manager is ridiculous. Sure it might take some time to scan the local subnet for a specific machine, but a local subnet only has 254 possible IP addresses and shouldn't take 2 minutes. Yamaha should provide a startup switch to the "ReceiverManager3900.exe" binary so a specific receiver could be speficied. Anyone know if there is such a startup switch that we're not yet aware...
Dave3900 - Sounds the problem you were having was with the web based manager right? Do you also have a long delay when connecting to your 3900 with the network receiver manager in "real time" mode? Patrick.
Is it possible to get 7 channel pure direct mode? Or is Pure Direct only able to drive 2 channels and a sub? I like the sound of Pure Direct but would love to use all my speakers.
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