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bought it to use as a monitor trying to get it to do SBS so I can watch movies on my PC......... I've been told that it can be changed by pressing the 3d button on the side but when I do that it only says "3d auto" it wont change the type of 3d at all
I've tried all 4 ports on my TV and none of them are good The problem is I have no warranty coverage on my AVR since I bought it in the US and live in Canada so I'd have to take it to the states to have it fixed I was hoping there was maybe something I could do myself
I've noticed that regularly if I try watch 3d content it messes up I get sparkles all over the screen. I will have the audio and video cut out. Or it will nit display anything. Also it will for some reason only show dts on a dts hd track I've tried 3 different players and probably 5 different hdmi 1.4 cables if I take the avr out of the equation it seems to work fine anyone have any idea on how I could fix this? the model is avr-391
I use a denon avr I think the model is avr391 Cost me $200. Sounds amazing with my kef speakers(you can tell it's more powerful than the txsr605 it replaced)
Did dnice or anyone else post 3d calibration settings? I'm using James camerons avatar settings right now and there is a ridiculous amount of dithering
It says on a firmware from november that it added 1080p24 for the player Naturally I jumped straight to the latest firmware thinking it would include all updates but I have no 1080p24 I guess it doesn't really matter anyways since I really only use it for watching 3d movies and tv shows
Hey guys I just got an hv355t and have it running d2.22 But it isn't giving me an option to enable 1080p 24 Did I have to install the older firmwares first to get this?
is there any firmware updates? im not seeing anything on panasonic's site
seems that was the problem
Quote: Originally Posted by kevin_mahaney Have you tried a different HDMI cable? I will try that now
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